Electronic monitoring system

The register of the stocks of explosives for professional use is designed for users who, in addition to the monitoring and localisation solution in compliance with the EU Directive, wish to digitally update their register of stocks instead of keeping it on paper.

The product includes the following components:
– robust 9” (22.8 cm) PC tablet (IP65 protection class);
– robust and user-friendly Bluetooth scanner (IP64 protection class);
– software for the register of stocks of explosives for professional use.

No internet connection or synchronisation with other devices is required to use the register of stocks of explosives for professional use. The application is autonomous and can run without a network connection. You can exchange data with the manufacturer/supplier by means of a USB stick that you connect directly to the PC tablet for goods entries.
Moreover, you can exchange data with the manufacturer via an internet-based Authorisation Centre or proprietary server as the PC tablet is provided both with WLAN (wireless local area network) and LAN (local area network) ports. Data are stored on the PC tablet in a database and are protected against both accidental and intentional changes.

IT infrastructure
To make a backup of the PC tablet database you only need network sharing for each location.

Access to the stock register data on a PC
A software will be installed on the PC to enable the user to access the stock register data. No extended authorisation is required to install this software. Software updates can be installed by the user with no extended authorisation for this software.

Software updates
The user can install updates by selecting “check for updates” in the “About” screen with no additional authorisation. The software will restart automatically after the update is installed successfully.