Transit of weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment and hazardous substances across Romania.

We handle full authorisation and escorting of dangerous goods on the territory of Romania.

Our services include:
– transit approval/transit authorisation/individual transit licence;
– escorting transports with professional staff and gendarmes on the territory of Romania;
– obtaining of transit permit/authorisation for Europe, the United States of American, Canada and Middle East.

Forwarding agent

Forwarding agent

When you need to transport goods that are classified in a certain class of hazardousness by the applicable laws and regulations, itro Nobel – Forwarding agent provides dangerous goods transport services (ADR) on domestic and international routes.

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Traffic is coordinated by professionals who analyse the requests and provide tailored solutions for each customer.

Direct and regular transports are one of our activities and involve best use of the vehicles of our collaborators.

For shipping and contractual logistics we use a strategy based on the advantages of collaboration and interconnection within the supply chain, where the capacity, location and promptness needs are fully covered.
Benefits of using our shipping department:
– Less time and efforts to find the right vehicle to ship and deliver the goods on time. We know the best and fastest routes, we have experience in the logistic supply chain, and Nitro Nobel – Forwarding agent facilitates goods transport at the best rates, efficiency and safety;

– LTL (groupage) shipping to reduce expenses by paying for less than truckload.

For information and consultancy on road transport, please contact: Doru Anghelache and Marius Negrea.


Oversized transport

Oversized transport

Transit of oversized goods across Romania.

Specialised provider of oversized road transport logistics and solutions, combined with sea, river, rail or air transport.

We obtain specific permits, we provide escort services and insure the goods during transport.