Why us

Nitro Nobel Group (NNG) Company

We are a company with 10 years experience in the special transport industry, both in Romania and around the world.
We have grown beautifully, constantly and incessantly year by year due to the high quality services we provide for our clients.
On our chosen path, we are guided by international standards, always keeping our values in mind.

We are proud of the quality of our products and services and we offer solutions for any situation in our area of expertise, and the results best reflect the accumulated expertise: over 1,000 special transports over the last 5 years, having as destination or in transit in over 30 countries. - Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Finland, Ukraine , Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Israel, USA, Lebanon, Georgia, Rep. Moldova, Canada, Montenegro, Saudi Arabia, transports with a value of over 500 million euros.
We respect the individuality of our clients so that we involve ourselves in each service offered with customized solutions and adequate consulting, because we consider that each client is important and deserves the full involvement of our team.

We believe in innovation and we evolve in a dynamic market to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, in the era of speed, we realize the importance of time and come to approach them with Nitro Digital Logisticsan application that digitizes the logistics of special transports. Thus, the application becomes a virtual personal assistant through which the clients can monitor the transport in real time starting from the necessary documents to the tracking of its route.
The app allows the exhaustive personalization of the account for each user so that he has a coherent and accurate overview on the situation of the special transport.
Within it, the entire set of documents related to the transport (invoices, package lists, import / export licenses, authorizations, specific documents related to the means of transport, driver, etc.) can be uploaded by the users - thus, each involved party (customer)/ partner/ supplier/ third party) has access to the existing information, to any changes and to the situation of the data to be added, all in real time.

We consider that the individuality of our clients is a precious resource that deserves to be respected and cultivated.


We want to make the difference on the international maket of the special transports through our products and services tailored for the institutions and companies in the field of defense, public order and national security.

Nitro Nobel Group is a benchmark in the following areas:
• auxiliary means and specific equipment for the shooting work,
• accompanying special-purpose transport and logistics,
• shipping house - dangerous goods (ADR),
all accompanied by consulting and complete, flexible, tailored to your needs solutions.

Thus, the NNG team prides itself on an exceptional statistic: zero incidents in 10 years of activity, safety always being a priority for us.


Our team is customer oriented, ensuring flexibility and professionalism in fulfilling the contracted services, as we envisage the success of each one of our customers. We constantly want to evolve, develop and expand our boundaries, both at the level of the company and as a team, which is why the continuous development of both individuals and groups, takes one of the first places in the list of our priorities - which is a natural consequence of the desire to offer our clients the highest quality of services, at the highest standards.

We offer fast and real-time access to information to ensure the efficiency and transparency of the services offered, at a level that exceeds our competitors. In this regard, we have developed an extensive network of trusted partners, who can intervene whenever necessary, because we realize how precious time is – it is the resource we want to share with our loved ones.

We equally take pride in the attention to detail and we manage to anticipate every possible problem by offering solutions in advance in order to avoid possible complications - we know how important a low level of stress is for the general well-being and that we want to offer that to our clients.

Trust and professionalism characterize our relationships, beyond the commercial aspect of the contract.

Nitro Nobel Group offers solutions for any unforeseen situation in the field of explosives and special transport - from the blockage of the transport to confiscating the goods in case of incomplete documentation, etc.

We firmly believe that the challenges of the field in which we operate are an opportunity to showcase the skills and experience we gained in the 10 years of activity and we believe that our success comes from the success and satisfaction of each client. succesul nostru vine din succesul si satisfactia fiecarui client.


Fairness - we provide our clients with a clear vision of the services offered.
Quality - safety and efficiency are the basis of each contract.
Expertise - the accumulated experience and the excellent results make us aim at offering the highest quality services to all our clients.
Innovation - the implementation of the digitalization of the transports of our clients, as leaders in this aspect through the Nitro Digital Logistics application that works as a virtual personal assistant.