High Sensitivity B-SCAN Scanners for Liquids and Powders.

The B-SCAN Scanner is a high-precision desktop Raman spectroscopy station that provides an effective solution for examining liquids, solids and dusts suspected of being explosives, narcotics or other hazardous materials.



SMI Portable Detector for Residual Traces and Vapors, I-SCAN for Explosives and Narcotics.

Designed to detect tiny amounts of low volatility organic matter, I-SCAN includes a portable sensor for detecting explosives, drugs and toxic substances in the air around examined objects, on the surface of various objects or on fingers and clothing.

G-SCANPRO Portable Laser Detector for Explosives and Narcotics.

G-SCANPRO is a state-of-the-art portable laser detector with Raman spectroscopy that provides law enforcement and military and security agencies with a powerful, high-precision instrument with a low percentage of false-positive or false-negative results intended to detect a wide range of explosive substances and suspicious drugs as liquid, powder or other similar shapes.




The new LDS SNIFFER system works on the basis of a chemical reaction instead of the electronic search that is currently used.
With the help of the SNIFFER system, users can search large spaces such as: rooms, containers, vehicles, etc. in a matter of seconds.

Fully integrated control system.

SPHERE ™ - is a complete and integrated range of control and detection systems that allow security forces to quickly use and effectively detect explosive materials and narcotics in the field.

The SPHERE™ system integrates explosive detection systems and detection techniques, all designed for quick and easy use by law enforcement. These systems are designed for the quick and efficient examination of materials, vehicles and persons for the detection of explosives or narcotic substances.

In addition to the detectors that quickly identify explosives and drugs, SPHERE™ includes complementary elements needed for roadblocks, such as mobile vehicle scanning systems that detect objects hidden under vehicles, 360° ground and aerial surveillance equipment and Counter-IED jamming stations which ensure the protection of the mobilized forces.