Innovative technology for optimizing shooting in open-pit and underground mining operations.

Quarryman Pro is the preferred laser scanning system for aggregate quarries. It is based on 25 years of experience in delivering laser scanning solutions to the mining industry worldwide.

The Quarryman Pro system has transformed the safety and productivity of operations from the aggregate quarries in which it was adopted.

With Quarryman Pro, you can quickly and completely scan the slope of a step without the need for trained surveyors, and afterwards the data can be used to plan:
- More accurate shooting work, which eliminates the costs associated with excessive use of explosives;
- Quieter, safer shooting work that protects workers and has a lower impact on the environment;
- Shot blasting works with optimal fragmentation, which means reducing the transport costs for broken stone and minimizing the waste associated with excessive fragmentation;
- Improved control of the hearth, reducing wear and tear on tires and mobile equipment.