Digital Logistics

Nitro Digital Logistics (NDL) is the new personal assistant that will help you take your business to another level. After 10 years of experience in special transports, the digital platform continues the group's mission to provide logistical efficiency at a whole new level, providing real-time information, from specific documents to tracking the transport route.
The app allows a perfect customization for the user’s account so that he/she has an overall, coherent and accurate vision of the particular transport situation. The entire set of transport documents (invoices, shipment lists, import/export licenses, authorizations, specific transport and driver documents, etc.) is uploaded into the app so that each party involved (customer/partner/supplier/third party ) have access to existing information as well as to possible changes and to the status of the data to be added.
The complex information contained into the Nitro Digital Logistics account makes it an essential database for special transport and business management, while providing several specific reports according to the particularities of each business. This can be customized by each individual customer.
At the same time, Nitro Digital Logistics acts as a personal assistant who never takes an off-work day. For example, sends real-time emails and texts messages with relevant data about shipments, such as the amount of freight allowed by a license or the expiration date on certain documents.


How does the app works?

• The access is granted based on a username and a password, according to all privacy and security standards.

• Inside the app, the customer can follow the history of all shipments carried out with all the details they need to monitor them.

• Upload Documents: allows the user to upload all the files required for a transport. No print, just scan and e-mail, granting greater efficiency and faster responses.

• Notifications: The user is real-time updated regarding relevant information, like document expiration dates and real-time analytics reports.

Intr-o industrie a transporturilor „speciale” Nitro Digital Logistics makes it all easier!