Nitro Nobel Group (NNG)

We have been active in the special transport industry, both in Romania and in the world, for over 10 years. We are a handful of people, but with extensive experience and a professional ethic that have allowed us to grow steadily and sustainably from year to year, through reputation and the quality of services provided.

We are guided by industry-imposed standards and strong values that have allowed us to build equally strong relationships based on reciprocity.

We have a strong sense of pride when it comes to our training and experience in the field and the results reflect this know-how: over 1,000 special transports in the last 5 years, having as destination or in transit in over 30 countries - Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Finland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Australia, Israel, USA, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Canada, Montenegro, Saudi Arabia - transports with a value exceeding 600 million Euro.

We understand and respect the individuality of our clients so that we get involved in each project with customized solutions and appropriate consulting, because we believe that each client is equally important and deserves the full involvement of our team.

Our explosives division specializes in the manufacturing and development of explosives for the civil Industry, accompanied with all services related to the applications of the energetic materials.

Nitro Nobel provides explosives for different industries, leading products and services in the categories of commercial explosives and blasting systems and environmental monitoring and consulting.

Nitro Nobel develops reliable solutions to meet the customer expectations and requests

We invests in the development of technologies and techniques to ensure we continue to deliver products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

We believe in innovation and evolve in a dynamic market to always anticipate the needs of our customers. That's why, in the age of speed, we are aware of the importance of time and come to the aid of our partners with innovative digital solutions for the industry: we have created Nitro Nobel Digital Unitan application for digitizing logistics in special transports. The application is the perfect virtual personal assistant through which customers can monitor in real time the transport: from the necessary documents to the tracking of its route. The application allows the personalization in detail of the account for each user so that the user has a coherent and accurate overview of the situation of the special transport.

The entire set of transport documents (invoices, packing lists, import / export licenses, authorizations, specific documents related to means of transport, driver, etc.) can be uploaded by users - thus, each party involved (customer/ partner/ supplier/ third party) has access to existing information, any changes and the status of the data to be added, all in real time.

We believe that the individuality of our customers challenges us and motivates us to be dynamic and creative, being a valuable resource for learning and continuous development.


We are the European reference brand for the safety of transport and special goods, the only company with integrated services that provides real-time access to the client's entire project.


We offer integrated services through the synergy of business lines: transport services, security and convoy, distribution of special products.
Strategic and specialized consulting for partners: we offer solutions to specific local needs and anticipate potential challenges.
We have the only digital assistance platform in Europe (NNDU) in the development of projects: route tracking, document management, project history, real-time notifications.
Solid skills and continuous specialization: multifunctional skills, technical expertise and solid experience.


1. Honesty and lasting relationships based on trust.
2. Creativity and innovation.
3. Availability and perseverance.