LDS Detectors

LDS Detectors

High Sensitivity B-SCAN Scanners for Liquids and Powders.

The B-SCAN Scanner is a high-precision desktop Raman spectroscopy station that provides an effective solution for examining liquids, solids and dusts suspected of being explosives, narcotics or other hazardous materials.



SMI Portable Detector for Residual Traces and Vapors, I-SCAN for Explosives and Narcotics.

Designed to detect tiny amounts of low volatility organic matter, I-SCAN includes a portable sensor for detecting explosives, drugs and toxic substances in the air around examined objects, on the surface of various objects or on fingers and clothing.

G-SCANPRO Portable Laser Detector for Explosives and Narcotics.

G-SCANPRO is a state-of-the-art portable laser detector with Raman spectroscopy that provides law enforcement and military and security agencies with a powerful, high-precision instrument with a low percentage of false-positive or false-negative results intended to detect a wide range of explosive substances and suspicious drugs as liquid, powder or other similar shapes.




The new LDS SNIFFER system works on the basis of a chemical reaction instead of the electronic search that is currently used.
With the help of the SNIFFER system, users can search large spaces such as: rooms, containers, vehicles, etc. in a matter of seconds.

Fully integrated control system.

SPHERE™ – este o gamă completă și integrată de sisteme de control și detecție care permit forțelor de securitate să utilizeze rapid și să detecteze în mod eficient materialele explozive și substanțele narcotice de pe teren.

The SPHERE™ system integrates explosive detection systems and detection techniques, all designed for quick and easy use by law enforcement. These systems are designed for the quick and efficient examination of materials, vehicles and persons for the detection of explosives or narcotic substances.

In addition to the detectors that quickly identify explosives and drugs, SPHERE™ includes complementary elements needed for roadblocks, such as mobile vehicle scanning systems that detect objects hidden under vehicles, 360° ground and aerial surveillance equipment and Counter-IED jamming stations which ensure the protection of the mobilized forces.


Measuring devices

Measuring devices

Aparate de măsură și control a rețelei electrice de împușcare (ohmmetru).

In order to achieve a safe start and prevent failures, it is necessary to check the electrical firing circuits with regards to continuity and magnitude of the resistance before they are connected to the starting source.

Devices for controlling the continuity of shooting circuits are used to check the current flow. These devices only check whether the electrical circuit is closed or not. If the device does not indicate the continuity of the circuit, it means that it is interrupted and then the circuit sections are checked until the fault is detected.

For the verification of the ohmic resistance of the circuit, respectively for the continuity of the circuit, ohmmeters intended for this purpose and certified are used.



Seismograph with automatic recording of parameters that characterize seismic waves.

The recommended interval for calibrating most equipment, including seismographs, is of one year. In most parts of North America and many parts of Europe, regulators require seismographs to be calibrated annually. This requirement has been or is being adopted by many other countries in the world, and certain projects require seismographs to be calibrated every three or six months.

Calibration is important so that the instrument works the way it was designed to and directly measure the actual ground vibration and blast of the explosion. Although seismographs are designed for use on rough terrain, they are still sophisticated electronic monitoring devices. Thus, preventive maintenance becomes an important part of the annual calibration process.

Anumite modele de seismografe sunt concepute cu geofon, microfon și unitate de achiziție a datelor calibrate ca sistem. În general, acest lucru permite întregului sistem să fie calibrat cu mai multă precizie. Însă, limitarea instrumentelor care sunt calibrate prin această metodă este dată de faptul ca geofonul și microfonul se potrivesc cu unitatea de achiziție a datelor, iar senzorii nu pot fi schimbați cu cei ai altor instrumente, chiar dacă sunt același model al aceluiași producator, fără a scădea precizia totală.

Alte modele de seismografe pot avea geofonul, microfonul și unitatea de achiziție a datelor calibrate ca ansambluri independente. Este în interesul dumneavoastră ca seismograful să fie calibrat de producătorul respectiv sau agenții săi autorizați.

Also, if a seismograph needs repairs, the manufacturer has the necessary experience and knowledge to identify and solve the problem. It will also ensure that any spare part used meets the specifications of the equipment. Unauthorized institutions do not have access to test specifications, procedures or spare parts lists, so they may use alternative spare parts that do not meet the functional requirements.

DIPRO DRUGLAB® Testing System

DIPRO DRUGLAB® Testing System

DIPRO DRUGLABDrug® substance testing systems for detection of drugs are used by national anti-drug services, prison administrations, customs authorities, forensic laboratories, hospitals, schools, employee testing agencies, etc.

DIPRO DRUGLAB® substance testing system is specially designed for the detection of drugs from solid, liquid and powder samples of unknown composition.

DIPRO DRUGLAB® is a side-flow rapid chromatographic immunoassay in combination with an adapted buffer system.


Electric initiation system

Electric initiation system

Normal and flameproof blasting machines

Blasting machines are portable devices that deliver the necessary energy to initiate electric blasting caps into the blasting system.
The devices currently used to initiate electric blasting caps use capacitors to store the necessary energy of the blasting system.

Blasting machines are operated with a special detachable key which, according to the supply source, actuates the alternator or provides the connection to the battery or the network.
The charge status of the load capacitor is indicated by a signal light. The capacitor is discharged and the stored energy is delivered to the blasting system either automatically when reaching the charge status or by rotating the key from the charge position to the explosion position.

In order to discharge the residual voltage of the load capacitor, blasting machines are provided with a fuse.
Blasting machines used in firedamp mines are additionally equipped with a locking relay that limits the impulse delivery duration of the detonator to 4 ms.

The maximum number of caps that can be initiated with a detonator is indicated on the label of the device or on the nomogram.



Blasting cable

When using low-intensity electric blasting caps, the current is conveyed from the initiation source to the cap circuit through blasting cables that must be insulated and withstand a voltage of 2000 V.
For safety reasons, specific regulations provide that explosive charges should be triggered from a distance of at least 100 m.

In order to have low resistivity and high mechanical strength, blasting cables are made of multi-core copper and/or tinned steel, with a section resistivity of maximum 10 ohm/100 m.

Cap circuits are usually connected with the wires of the caps; cap wire length must be chosen so that the connection of two neighbouring holes should not require extension lines. In special cases, for oversized blasting and isolated holes located far away from each other, insulated extension lines can be used in combined blasting systems (detonating cord and power supply).

In practice, low-intensity caps are initiated with ROY-type wire conductors.

Nonelectric initiation system

Nonelectric initiation system

Special blasting machines
Pyrotechnical means (pyrotechnical blasting caps and Bickford cord) or electric means (electric blasting caps) can be used to initiate NONEL-type non-electric systems or similar systems.

Also, specially designed devices (blasting machines) can be used.



NONEL® DS 2 blasting machine
The DS 2 blasting machine consists of a battery, a power amplifier assembly and a detachable chunk incorporating an electrode.

Both the electrode and the battery can be used for up to 1000 blasts, after which they must be changed.

Electronic monitoring system

Electronic monitoring system

The register of stocks of explosives for professional use is intended for users who, in addition to the monitoring and location solution in accordance with the EU Directive, also want to digitally update their stock register so as not to do so on paper.

The product consists of the following components:
– Tableta PC, robustă, de 9” (22,8 cm) (clasa de protecție IP65);
– Scaner Bluetooth ușor de mânuit și robust (clasa de protecție IP64);
– Software pentru registrul stocurilor de explozivi pentru uz profesional.

It is not necessary to connect to the internet or synchronize with other computers to use the explosives stock register for professional use. The application works independently and can run without a network connection. Data exchange with the manufacturer/ supplier can also be done via a USB stick that you connect directly to the PC tablet for goods inputs.
Furthermore, the data exchange with the manufacturer can take place through an Internet-based Authorization Center or through a proprietary server since the PC tablet has both a WLAN port (wireless local network) and a LAN port (local network). The data is stored on the PC tablet in a database and is protected against both accidental and intentional changes.

IT Infrastructure
In order to back up your PC Tablet’s database, you only need one network share for each point of work.

Access to Inventory Data data from a PC
Software will be installed on the PC that allows the authorized user to access the data in the Inventory Register. No extended permissions are required to install this software. Software updates may be installed by the user without any extended authorization for this software.

Software update
The user can install the update by selecting the "check for updates" option in "About Screen" and does not require any other permission to do so. The software will restart automatically after the upgrade is successful.




Laser scanning equipment

Laser scanning equipment

Innovative technology for optimizing shooting in open-pit and underground mining operations.

Quarryman Pro is the preferred laser scanning system for aggregate quarries. It is based on 25 years of experience in delivering laser scanning solutions to the mining industry worldwide.

The Quarryman Pro system has transformed the safety and productivity of operations from the aggregate quarries in which it was adopted.

With Quarryman Pro, you can quickly and completely scan the slope of a step without the need for trained surveyors, and afterwards the data can be used to plan:
– Lucrări de împușcare mai precise, ceea ce elimină costurile asociate cu utilizarea în exces a explozivilor;
– Lucrări de împușcare mai silențioase, mai sigure, care îi protejează pe lucrători și care au un impact mai mic asupra mediului înconjurător;
– Lucrări de împușcare cu fragmentare optimă, ceea ce înseamnă micșorarea costurilor de transport pentru piatră spartă și reducerea la minimum a deșeurilor asociate cu fragmentarea excesivă;
– Control îmbunătațit al vetrei carierei, micșorând uzura anvelopelor și a echipamentelor mobile.


Software solutions

Software solutions

Software solutions for laser scanning equipment.

Specialized software for global risk assessment (explosion risk/ occupational risk/ terrorist attack risk) at explosives warehouses for civilian use.

It uses the structure and activity of the donor, the structure of the exposed places and the duration of the exposure of the staff to determine the level of safety.

The program allows users to operate with measurements in the metric or Anglo-Saxon system and allows users to import maps or plans of the site to facilitate viewing of unit configurations and results.


Multifunctional Equipment

Multifunctional Equipment

Equipment for determining the accuracy of the delay in electrical detonators and non-electrical systems type CHRONOS.

Trio Chronos is a high-precision portable digital stopwatch, used to determine the delay accuracy of detonating staples of any kind, delay relays and non-electric initiation systems.

The Chronos Trio also measures the detonation speed of explosives, detonating wicks and shock tubes.

The device is suitable for use in the production and testing of explosives and means of initiation for civilian and military use.